Welcome to our Contract Template online store! We’ve created this to be a one-stop-shop for creatives, entrepreneurs and small/startup business owners. Contracts are a fundamental part of business. Ensuring that your business decisions are in writing helps to minimise any misunderstandings and give you greater business protection should things go wrong.

A contract tailored specifically to your business is always preferable over a contract template but we understand legal spending might not be high on the budget when starting out. A Contract Template, drafted by our expert Commercial Lawyers, is a fantastic temporary alternative.

We have drafted our contract templates in a broad way so that they can be used by a variety of different businesses. They are customisable, digital products that are downloaded instantly after purchase. They also come with easy-to-understand instructions on how to best use your templates. We know how important it is to legal proof your business right from the start!

Shop our full range of Contract Templates below and make sure to check back as we will be adding many more Contract Templates to our store in the future.