Your FREE Dispute Resolution Checklist

Despite best intentions and good business management, disputes can still happen. Whether an issue arises with customers, suppliers, competitors, partners or employees, there are simple steps you can take to minimise the effects of a dispute.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, workplace disputes in 2020 accounted for over 33,500 working days lost.

When it comes to Defamation lawsuits, if they cannot be resolved privately these can cost anywhere from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars (depending on many factors). Australia is considered the defamation capital of the world.

Disputes can cost you time, energy, work productivity and money.

 It literally pays to manage disputes effectively.

Why Do Disputes Happen?

Disputes can happen for many reasons, including:

+ Different personalities

+ Unresolved issues

+ Competition

+ Poor communication and leadership

+ Unclear responsibilities and roles

+ Bullying, harassment and other unlawful and inappropriate behaviour

+ Reputational harm

+ Malicious intent

Part of having a good Dispute Resolution plan in place is knowing how to manage them from the beginning.

Whether you’re an individual, or business owner, we’ve created a handy Dispute Resolution checklist to keep on hand in case a dispute arises.

We believe in solving problems and strategic solutions. Preparation is key!

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