Commercial + Contractual Disputes

These are a common issue when running a business.⠀

Most business relationships involve some type of contract, whether written or verbal, and disputes arise when the terms & conditions of that contract are breached by one party.⠀

A commercial dispute on the other hand can involve, but is not limited to;⠀

+ Property⠀

+ Contracts⠀

+ Lease agreements⠀

+ Building⠀

+ Trade practice⠀

+ Partnership/Shareholder/Directors⠀

+ Professional Negligence⠀

+ Fraud⠀

Resolving commercial + contractual disputes can be achieved in a number of ways. The easiest way is to resolve them informally, without the use of lawyers/courts or formal mediation. If this is unsuccessful, mediation & arbitration may work. This is a cheaper option than proceeding to court and incurring additional costs associated with a hearing. ⠀

At Litton Legal, we’re experts at resolving commercial & contractual disputes for our clients.⠀

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