Are You a Victim of Commercial Fraud?

Commercial fraud covers a wide range of actions that involve dishonesty and/or criminal activity against a business. These can include;⠀

➕False accounting⠀

➕Intellectual property theft ⠀

➕Passing on confidential information to a new employer (such as trade secrets)⠀

➕Ransomware attacks/hacking ⠀




➕Breach of contract/trust ⠀

and more.⠀

Unfortunately, fraud in the workplace is a common scenario. From employees stealing intellectual property or passing on confidential information to a new employer, ransomware attacks or false accounting, the impact on your business can be significant. ⠀

The most crucial response is a fast one. As soon as you are aware of fraudulent activity, engage an experienced commercial litigation lawyer. Sometimes criminal or regulatory investigations occur alongside legal intervention so it’s important you’re advised from the outset on how to navigate the situation.⠀

The following options are all possible:⠀

➕Investigate fraudulent activity without the offender knowing and collate evidence to build your case. This can strengthen any legal action you take.⠀

➕Freeze assets to preserve evidence and prevent further access to them. This will also prevent the perpetrator from being able to hide or remove evidence you have against them.⠀

➕A court can authorise a freezing, ancillary or search order if there is a good arguable case and it’s in the interest of justice to grant the orders.⠀

➕Your insurance may have allowances in your policy to compensate for fraud.⠀

➕You launch a criminal investigation with the local police (however, it’s imperative that you engage a lawyer first). Time is on your side if you act fast with legal assistance. Not only can police investigations be slow, if a criminal investigation is underway it can prevent a civil investigation from going ahead until the former is resolved, potentially jeopardising the recovery of assets. Your lawyer will be able to advise the best course of action for your particular situation.⠀

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