COVID-19 Record Keeping of Patrons

Due to the impact of COVID-19, many businesses are required (or strongly advised) to record their customer’s or staff’s details in the event of another viral outbreak. Contact tracing is a critical step in managing any potential outbreaks of COVID-19 within Australia.

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What Are Trade Secrets?

Trade Secrets are a form of Intellectual Property that include any confidential information such as secret formulas, processes and methods used in production. ⠀

Trade Secrets give creators certain rights and privileges depending on the type of IP protection. They are not the same as trade marks as you don’t ‘register’ trade secrets.

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Does Your Website Have a Privacy Policy?

Did you know that all Australian websites need a Privacy Policy if you’re collecting any customer or website information?⠀
Sometimes referred to as ‘Privacy Notices’ or ‘Privacy Statements’, a Privacy Policy is a legal notice posted on your website that states how you will respect a visitor’s privacy, keep their personal information secure and that you will not misuse their information.

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Commercial + Contractual Disputes

These are a common issue when running a business.⠀

Most business relationships involve some type of contract, whether written or verbal, and disputes arise when the terms & conditions of that contract are breached by one party.⠀

A commercial dispute on the other hand can involve, but is not limited to;

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The Four Most Common Business Structures

How you set up your business structure from the beginning is an important consideration. When you decide on a structure for your business, choose the one that best suits your business needs. Consider each option carefully as there are key factors and rules to consider for each structure.

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What if the Internet was Patented?

Have you ever considered what it would mean if the internet was patented? Some possibilities of this scenario would include no open internet (as we know it) but rather “walled garden” internet use. That would mean everything within the platform was restricted and access controlled by the licensed holder. Innovation on the internet would be restricted too because the patent would limit ability to do so. Worst of all there would be no Google!

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