The Difference Between Copyright and Design Rights

This year has been rife with news stories of larger businesses allegedly copying the products of smaller businesses (and selling them for a fraction of the original product’s price).

When it comes to Intellectual Property Law, have you ever wondered what the difference is between Copyright & Design Rights?

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Refunds, Repairs or Replacements and Australian Consumer Law

There are a lot of huge sales coming up towards the end of 2022 with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the lead up to Christmas and Boxing Day.

Many stores will temporarily amend their refund/return policies to accommodate the influx of gift purchases usually by extending return periods or their change of mind policy.

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Greenwashing Litigation – Sustainability and Misleading Conduct

With growing awareness around climate change and an increasing demand for sustainable products, businesses are changing the way they operate to become more “green”. Many businesses are genuinely taking responsibility for their carbon footprints and are innovating in creative ways to adapt to meet the demand for sustainability.

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Cables vs Winchester

Advising and acting in a defamation dispute, with our client (a large franchisee) being awarded $200,000 damages, the highest payout so far in Australia in respect of a Facebook publication.

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