Legal Fakes, Counterfeit Products and Superfakes

When it comes to legal fakes, counterfeit goods and superfakes, these are big issues in Intellectual Property Law. We’ll discuss them further below;

While it sounds like an oxymoron, “Legal Fake” is a phenomenon predominantly seen in the fashion industry, occurring over the last few years. It’s when a third company precedes the original brand company in registering a trade mark, setting up sales in another country and operating as a business.

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The Power of Barbie’s Brand and Intellectual Property

Barbie mania has hit us this year with the release of Barbie’s first ever live action, full feature film. Grossing over $1 billion worldwide (and counting!) it’s no wonder everyone’s talking about it. The marketing and branding campaign for the new Barbie movie has reinforced the “Barbie Pink” colour as being synonymous with the Barbie brand.

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5 Legal Pages Your Business Website Should Have

When it comes to running a business, contracts are part and parcel of commercial relationships. They can be complex and exist for many different uses, so it’s imperative you fully understand the terms of a contract and any applicable laws before offering one or signing anything. Contracts are legal documents and on a website, they can be referred to as “legal pages.”

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Common Contracts Used in Business

What contracts do you use in your business?

When running a business, contracts are an inevitable part of operations.

Contracts can be verbal or written. It’s always preferable to use written contracts and in some situations you can *only* use a written contract such as:

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Different Types of IP Licences

Making your intellectual property work for you is a smart business decision. If you want to monetise your intellectual property by licensing it to another party, a Licence Agreement is a great place to start.

IP licensing gives the licensee the right to use, but not own, the IP.

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